1860 U. S. Census of Bosque County

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1860 Census Data Summary

General Population Characteristics
Total Population 2005
Free Population 1712
Slave Population 293
Total Number of Males 1,054
Total Number of Females 951
Number of Native-Born White Persons 1624
Number of Foreign-Born White Persons 88
Number of White Males 916
Number of White Females 796
Number of Male Slaves 138
Number of Female Slaves 155
Number of Slave Holders 51
Total Number of Families 313
Total Number of Farms 85
Number of Acres of Improved Land in Farms 4,953
Number of Acres of Unimproved Land in Farms 42,546
Cash Value of Farms $156,417
Value of Farming Implements and Machinery $9,801
Value of Livestock $226,260
Value of Orchard Products $0
Value of Market Garden Products $0
Value of Homemade Manufactures $616
Value of Animals Slaughtered $9,258
Number of Farms 3-9 acres 4
Number of Farms 10-19 acres 14
Number of Farms 20-49 acres 35
Number of Farms 50-99 acres 18
Number of Farms 100-499 acres 14
Number of Farms >499 acres 0
Land Value
Value of Real Estate $287,360
Value of Personal Property $743,811