1870 U. S. Census of Bosque County

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1870 Census Data Summary

General Population Characteristics  
Total Population 4,951
Total Number of White Persons 4453
Total Number of Colored Persons 528
Total Number of Males 2,631
Total Number of Females 2,350
Total Number of Native-Born Persons 4,704
Total Number of Foreign-Born Persons 277
Number of Males 5-18 Years of Age 938
Number of Females 5-18 Years of Age 868
Number of Males 18-45 Years of Age 981
Number of Males 21 Years of Age and Over 1,085
Number of Females 21 Years of Age and Over 1,074
Property and Taxation
Assessed Valuation of Real and Personal Estate $767,870
True Valuation of Real and Personal Estate $831
Total Non-National Taxation $3,816
Total State Taxation $2,544
Total County Taxation $1,272
Total Town/City Taxation $0
Public Debt by County $454
Public Debt by Towns/Cities $0