Table of Contents to Hoein' the Short Roads

Preface by Francis Edward Abernethy xi
A High Toned Woman by Joyce Gibson Roach 1
The Lingo of the Espee by Charlie Oden 11
Mechanical Macho: The Current Craze for Customizing Pickups by Kenneth W. Davis 31
Texas Baptistry Paintings: Landscape, Doctrine, Mysticism by Jack Welch 43
Celebrations of the Dead: Merging Traditions in the Spanish Southwest by John O. West 57
Mexican-American Lime Kilns in West Texas: The Limits of Folk Technology by Joe S. Graham 73
A Rose Blooms in the Desert: The Saga of the Santa Rita #1 by Edward C. Rowland 93
The Rules of Cockfighting by Jim Harris 101
The Family Saga: An Interpretive Analysis by Lawrence Clayton 113
Showdown at Sunup by Paul Clayton 127
Elephant Ears in the Churchyard by Al Lowman 133
Hog Drovers: The Why and How of Hog Drives by Lora B. Garrison 141
A Key of Golden: Brief Encounters Remembered by Mrs. John Q. Anderson 151
Summer Revival by Ernest B. Speck 161
Growing Up in Bosque County by Palmer Olsen 171
Cowboy Poets by Guy Logsdon 181
Folk Poetry: Texas, Southwest by Elton Miles 201
Contributors 227
Index 231