A number of exhibits are currently on display in the Lumpkin Building:

The Election Oak - Photos and a cross section of the Live Oak tree under which Bosque County was organized in August 1854.

Judge Wilson Cowen - Judge Cowen, born in Norse, Texas in 1905, graduated from Clifton High School in 1923 and received his LL.B. from the University of Texas in 1928. He was nominated by President Lyndon Baines Johnson as the Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Claims in 1964 and eventually retired as Senior Judge.

The Chisholm Trail - A map showing the trail passing through Bosque County, photos, a chuck wagon with cooking and eating utensils, 8-foot longhorns, weapons, and saddle interpret this event in Texas History. The majority of the artifacts are on loan from the Texas Memorial Museum.

John A. Lomax - Many of the cowboy and working class songs that America cherishes today are the result of the work of John and his son Alan Lomax. The primitive recordings they compiled during their travels throughout the American south and southwest in the first half of the 20th Century in many cases are the only record of a rich heritage that is unique to America.

Flat Top Ranch - From Paleo to the Present, this exhibit tells the story of one of the largest, modern, conservation-driven ranches in Texas. From the Taylors to the Beecherls, this ranch and its owners have played major roles in the story of Bosque County and Texas.

Exhibits planned for the future include Meridian, Buck Barry, Dr. James Greer, and  Lowry Scrutchfield.