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Oral History Collection

The Recordings Collection consists of audio tape recordings (cassette and reel-to-reel) of oral histories and interviews as well as recordings of public events. Many Bosque County natives have recorded oral histories of their life while growing up in Bosque County. The following list is alphabetized by the Speaker. You may seach for specific names/words on this page by using the Find function in your browser (Ctrl-F).

We are gradually digitizing these recordings and placing them online. Use the play icons below to listen. You will need to have the Quicktime plug-in installed to listen (if it is not installed, you can download Quicktime here). Please keep in mind that these recordings belong to and are copyrighted by the Bosque County Historical Commission and may not be used elsewhere except with the written permission of the Bosque County Historical Commission.

Speaker Listen Online


Subject(s) Time Period OH#
      Lomax Gathering 11 1994 Feb 26 86
  46:53 Lomax Gathering 1995 Part III 1995 0113a
      Spring Creek Cemetery   56
      Smith Bend Community   57
      Ole Pierson Homestead Dedication   42
      Smith Bend History   64
      Smith Bend Community   53
      Lomax Family   83
      Walnut Springs, Texas History   47
      Lomax Gathering 1993 82
Aars Hulen     Walls Manufacturing Co,   45
Aars, Hulen     Clifton, Texas   45
Anderson, George     Bushe Trial   28
Appleby     Family History   48
Appleby, Geraldine & Graham         76
Avirett, Bob         27
Avirett, Bob         60
Avirett, Bob     Carruth Family History   27
Bakke, Geraldine & Mary Lou Ford          
Barnes, Sam     Vivian Barnes Taylor   33
Barnhill, Taluadge         77
Barry, James Buckner     Alyse Shelton Sanders   22
Bearden, Joe         74
Bearden, Joe     Lanes Chapel Cemetery   74
Bell, Cleve & Maude         6
Bettis, Lottie     Early Teaching in Bosque County   3
Bonds, Marguerite         39
Brewer, Mrs. Lola Bradstreet 16:07 Family, Life & Times   0024b
Burrus, Florrie         37
Burrus, Florrie         32
Chambers , Elela     National Railroad Strike   47
Chase, Ruth Smith         41
Cleveland, William M.     Juanita Rogers White   71
Cole, Mrs. W. H.         10
Collier, Jo         50
Colwick, Clarence         21
Conley, Elizabeth & Charles         4
Conrad, Josie Rhodes     Chase Community   17
Cureton, Jack     Courthouse, Boshe Murder 1920-1939 1
Dugan Shirley Lomax         85
Duggen, Shirley Lomax     Lomax, John   85
Fallis, Jap     Black cowboy Wild Horse Charlie Hughes   23
Ficklin, Mrs. Frank         20
Ford, Mary Lou         44
Gary, Isaac     J. H. Jordan   25
Golden, Clarence         87
Golden, Clarence         87
Goldman, James         30
Goodall, Van Doran     Goodall-Witcher Hospital   29
Harman, Mrs. Alma         18
Helm, Lena 15:16 Life & Times, Clifton Fire of 1905   0024a2
Hill, Lois         37
Hill, Lois & Hansel         36
Hill, Sybil         37
Hopkins, Etoile         35
Hopkins, Etoile         35
Horley, Lee & Thelma         46
Jenson, Nell     Christmas Music   59
Kennedy, Hazel         83
Levinston, Catherine         79
Lomax , J. T.         40
Lomax , J. T.       1980 65
Lomax, J. T.       1991 78
Lomax, J. T.       1992 80
Lomax, J. T.     Courthouse water trough   40
Marman, Alma     Boxy School (Center Hill School)   18
McCoy, Jim     Bootlegging in Somerville County   67
McCoy, Jim     Iredell   67
McKinney, Earl     Lone Oak   52
Mims, Nancy         43
Mize, Lester & Willie Mae         72
Moore, Charksic         43
Moore, Charles         41
Morley, Lee & Thelma         46
Morrison, Earl         70
Nowlin, Gordon         14
Nowlin, Gordon         7
Olsen, Joseph     Marker Dedication Nov. 30, 1986   49
Olsen, Palmer 05:28 Fishing Experience, Clifton 1905   0024a1
Olsen, Palmer 07:08 Cotton Picking 1904   0105b
Olsen, Palmer 12:51 Corner Drug Store, Brook Building, downtown Clifton   0061a
Olsen, Palmer 08:44 Spanish-American War Days in Clifton 1899   0038a
Olsen, Palmer         21
Parsons, A. C.         63
Paulson, Mrs.         11
Pierson, Ole     Pierson Homestead Dedication   42
Pool, William C.     Bosque County History   16
Pool, William C.         16
Ramsey, Mary Butler         31
Ramsey, Mary Butler     Bryant, William Jennings   55
Ramsey, Mary Butler         31
Ramsey, Mary Butler     Aunt Beck   55
Redder, Al         32
Redder, Al     Smith Bend Community   32
Redder, Al         30
Reinnardt, Virginia         34
Retired Teacher Talks     Teaching experiences 1890 2
Roberson, Bob Pool         19
Roberson, Bob & Holly, Opal     Center Point School   19
Robinson, Ella         15
Robinson, Mrs. Omar 04:37 Family, Life & Times   0009a
Rowe, Thelma Ruth         39
Rymer, Floyd & Myrtle         84
Rymer, Floyd & Myrtle     Flat Top Ranch   84
Ryner, Floyd & Myrtle         79
Shipman, Mrs Roy         26
Smith, Chesley         36
Smith, Fred         53
Speers, Birdie     Griffith Family History   13
Torrence, Elizabeth         73
Torrence, Iva Pool     Pool Cemetery   12
Veteto, Joe         8
Veteto, Lottie Whitenberg     Neils Creek Community   69
Vickrey , Stella 24:32 Family, Life & Times   0024a3
Vickrey, Stella     Lanes Chapel   5
Vinson, Willie Bell     Lakeside Village   68
Vinson, Willie Bell         68
Walk, Elma         81
White, Juanita Rogers     Kimble   71
Wiederaenders, Erwin         58
Wiede, Elnora     Bismarck Cemetery   54
Wiede, Elnora         54
Wilson, Jay 25:02 World War II Experiences   0096b
Womack, Harry     Corner Drug Store   62

Although it is not part of the Bosque County Collection and is not strictly a factual oral history, you may enjoy reading the song lyrics of what is considered by many as one of the best works ever written about life in rural Texas and in particular Bosque County. Texas Trilogy was written by singer/songwriter Steve Fromholz in 1967. His grandmother lived in Kopperl, a small town in Bosque County, and Steve visited her often. The three songs that make up the Texas Trilogy describe life in the town of Kopperl and Bosque County in the 1950's. Click here to read the lyrics and see some accompanying photos.