Bosque County Schools

The following is a list of schools known to have existed in Bosque County. Those noted with an "a" were the early pioneer public schools of the county; those marked with "c" were part on the public county common school system; those marked with "d" were part of the public county district school system; those marked with "i" were/are part of the public independent school system; and those marked with "p" were private schools. Schools shown in bold exist today. 


School Name   Consolidated Into
Allen's Bend c  
Auburn d Union Hill
Barnes c  
Bee Creek c  
Bee Hill d  
Bergman d Norse
Black Stump Valley c,d Iredell
Boggy c,d  
Boone c  
Brown d  
Cannon's Grove c  
Cayote (col.) d  
Cayote (aka Salem) c,d  
Cedar Point c  
Cedar Spring c  
Cedron c,d  
Center Grove c,d  
Center Hill d  
Center Point c,d  
Central College p  
Childress Creek c  
Clifton c,d  
Clifton (col.) c  
Clifton Academy (1860) p  
Clifton Academy (1883) p  
Clifton Academy (1898) p  
Clifton College p  
Clifton ISD i  
Clifton ISD (col.) i  
Cold Springs (col.) c  
Coon Creek c,d  
Cooper d Clifton ISD
County Line d Hico ISD
County Line d  
Cove Springs c,d  
Cranfills Gap c,d  
Cranfills Gap ISD i  
Cross Roads d  
Cross Roads (col.) d  
Dripping Springs c  
Dry Branch c,d Kopperl ISD
Dyersville d  
East Meridian c  
Elm Grove c  
Eulogy c,d Walnut Springs ISD
Faggan c  
Faggard c,d  
Fairview d Iredell ISD
Fields c  
Flag Branch c,d  
Flag Pond c  
Flat Rock c  
Foster c  
Fowler c,d  
Fowler d  
Friendship c  
Garnersville c,d  
Germania c  
Goodall's c  
Gordon c,d  
Grapevine c,d  
Grass Creek c  
Greenock c,d  
Greenock (col.) d  
Greer c  
Harcal's a  
Harmony c,d  
Hill Creek c,d  
Hollis Prairie c  
Holloway c  
Hunton d Kopperl ISD
Iredell ISD i  
Iredell, New c  
Iredell, Old c,d  
Jacal's a  
Jim Lee c  
Johnson's Peak d  
Jordan c  
Kimball d Kopperl ISD
Kimball c,d  
Kimball's Bend c,d Kimball
Kimball's Bend (col.) c  
Kopperl c,d  
Kopperl ISD i  
Lanes Chapel c,d  
Leis School H's c  
Liberty Hill a  
Lick Branch c,d  
Little (see Union) c  
Live Oak c  
Live Oak Grove c,d Cranfills Gap ISD
Live Oak Springs d  
Loader Springers d  
Lone Oak d Walnut Springs ISD
Long Branch c  
Lumpkin d  
Meridian c  
Meridian c  
Meridian c  
Meridian Academy p  
Meridian College p  
Meridian Creek d Cranfills Gap ISD
Meridian ISD i  
Meridian ISD (col.) i  
Meridian Valley c  
Meridian (col.) c,i  
Merrivale d  
Mesquite c  
Midway c,d  
Morgan c  
Morgan (col.) c  
Morgan ISD i  
Morgan ISD (col.) i  
Mosheim c,d  
Mount View ? Cranfills Gap ISD
Mount Zion c,d Iredell ISD
Mountain c  
Mustang c,d  
Negro Hill (see Pleasant Hill) d Womack
Neills Creek c,d  
New Home c,d Kopperl ISD
New Hope c  
New Sardis c  
Norman Hill c  
Norse c,d  
Norway Mill c  
Parks Grove c  
Peck's a  
Pilot Knob d  
Pleasant Grove c  
Pleasant Hill (aka Negro Hill) d  
Pleasant Hill (col.) d  
Post Oak Point c  
Powell Dale c  
Prairie Hill (see Womack) c,d  
Prairie View d  
Rhone d  
Rock Church c,d  
Rock Cliff (col.) d  
Rock Dale c  
Rock Springs c,d  
Rock Springs (col.) c,d  
Rocky d  
Rocky Creek c  
Rocky Point c  
Round Mountain ?  
Round Mountain c,d Cooper ISD
Rural Grove c,d  
Salem (see Cayote) c,d  
Scowe's a  
Searsville c,d  
Shady Grove c  
Shafer c  
Smith's Bend c,d  
Smith's Bend (col.) c  
South Neills ? Mount View
Spring Creek c,d  
Spring Creek Gap d  
Standifer c  
Stanford ? Mount View
Steele Creek c,d  
Swenson c,d  
Terry ? Mount View
Turkey Creek c,d  
Turner ?  
Union c  
Union Center c  
Union Hill c,d Kopperl ISD
Union Hill (col.) ?  
Union (aka Little) c  
United c,d  
Upper Meridian c  
Valley Mills c Valley Mills ISD
Valley Mills ISD i  
Valley Mills ISD (col.) i Valley Mills ISD
Valley Mills (col.) c Valley Mills ISD (col.)
Vaughan c  
Wallings Bend c,d  
Walnut Springs c Walnut Springs ISD
Walnut Springs ISD i  
Willow Springs d  
Womack (aka Prairie Hill) c,d Clifton ISD
Wylie's a  
? (Common 43) c  
? (Common 74) c  
? (Common 76) c  
? (Common 77) c  
? (District 69) d