History of Bosque County

Bosque County was created in February 4, 1854 by an Act of the Fifth Legislature of the State of Texas. This act defined boundaries encompassing 900 square miles and designated the name of the new county as Bosque. The County was also given responsibility for additional land to the north and west which would form the territorial part of Bosque County. William Gary, T. E. Everett, William McCurry, John Locker, Lowry S. Scrutchfield, and Jasper Mabray (whose names were badly misspelled in the Act) were appointed as Commissioners until the first regular elections could be held, at which time their functions would cease. The Commissioners were to locate the county seat near the center of the County and were authorized to purchase or receive donations of up to 320 acres for use by the County. Half of the land was to be divided into suitable lots and auctioned off to procure funds for the construction of county buildings. The location of present-day Meridian was chosen as the location of the county seat when the Commisioners met on June 27, 1854 and accepted an offer of land to be donated by Dr. Josepheus M. Steiner (100 acres) and J. P. Eubank (25 acres). This land was surveyed into individual lots by George B. Erath and auctioned off on July 4, 1854 amidst a large celebration complete with a barbeque dinner. On August 7, 1854, the first election was held. Three ballot boxes were set up around the County and 17 votes were cast. The votes were counted at one of the ballot boxes which was set up under an oak tree (subsequently known as Election Oak) near what is now State Highway 6 between Clifton and Valley Mills. The following officers were elected: Lowry H. Scrutchfield, Chief Justice (County Judge); Jasper N. Mabray, County Clerk; P. Bryant, Sheriff;  James H. Mabry, Samuel S. Locker, County Commissioners. 

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