Bosque County Documents

Document Type Description
County Court Minutes These are the minutes of the County Commissioner's Court
Gammel's Laws of Texas These are the enacted laws of the entire State of Texas from Colonization through 1900.
Land Deeds and Surveys These are deeds and deed transcriptions and land surveys.
Legislative Acts There are some of the legislative acts regarding Bosque County.
Military These are documents related to military and Indian operations in or around Bosque County.
Newspaper Articles These are newspaper articles related to news in or around Bosque County.
Petitions These are petitions sent to the Texas State Legislature or the Governor by citizens of Bosque County and in some cases surrounding counties.
Robertson Collection This is a collection of documents belonging originally to Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson relating to Fort Graham and the Town of Robertson.
Wills and Probate These are wills and probates.