Pool Park

Pool Park is a roadside park located about four miles east of Clifton on Highway 6 and is maintained by the Bosque County Historical Commission. The park features a garden area in the shape of Bosque County and consists of xeriscaped, native flora that will survive in Bosque County’s arid climate with each type of tree, bush, vine, or flower identified with the Latin name, its common name, and use. A kiosk was built depicting Bosque County history. From there, one can follow the path (Highways 6, 22, and 56) through a miniature representation (about 100’ x 150’) of the county with the eight major communities included as well as the Bosque River.

This location was one of the three voting sites in Bosque County’s first election held on August 7, 1854. The ballot box was located under a live oak tree known as the Election Oak. During the late 1920s and early 1930s, picnics were held held here ever Fourth of July. A monument honoring the early citizens of Bosque County was erected to the east of the tree. In 1970, a historical marker was placed near Highway 6 to mark the location of the first election ballot box under the old tree. Due to its death from oak wilt in 1980, the majority of the oak was chopped down. In 2004, as part of the county's observance of its sesquicentennial, this location was re-dedicated as Pool Park.

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