Bosque County burials were published by the Bosque County Historical Commission in the two-volume Bosque County Cemetery Records in 1985 (Volume I) and 1987 (Volume II). Subsequent burials were documented by the Cemetery Committee in 2017. The two-volume Bosque County Cemetery Records listed all known cemeteries and all persons buried in these cemeteries at the time of publication. The information included dates from the gravestones and, in some cases, the inscriptions from the gravestones. Although these volumes are now out-of-print, they are available for reference at the Bosque County Collection, and the information contained in these volumes has been converted to an online database searchable by name.

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The question often arises as to whether relatives can visit a cemetery on private land. State law grants the public certain rights for visitation during reasonable hours and for purposes associated with cemetery visits, but with conditions. Click here and read the "Access" section for more information.

Currently Existing Cemeteries in Bosque County

The table below displays all of the known cemeteries and gravesites that exist today in Bosque County. If you think a cemetery is located in Bosque County but do not find it, check the tables at the bottom of this page for alternate/deprecated names and adjacent county cemeteries within a mile of Bosque County. Several cemeteries were relocated when the Brazos River was dammed up to form Lake Whitney. If the cemetery has been enumerated in the two-volume Bosque County Cemetery Records, the volume and page number is provided.

If you click on the THC Cem. Num. link, it will open a new tab with additional information from the THC. If there is a "Map" tab on that page, click on that tab and then click on the "View this record in full map (opens in new tab/window)" link to view the location of the cemetery.

The table below is sorted alphabetically by "Primary Name" but can be resorted by clicking on any of the column headings.

Primary Name AKA THC
Cem. Num.
Abernathy BQ-C119 Hurst Spring II 142
Acuff USGS mislabeled as Cedron BQ-C118 Pilot Knob C. Acuff A-26 I 156
Ahlstead-Stark BQ-C120 Sugarloaf Mountain II 261
Arnold BQ-C052 Pilot Knob I 153
Atchison Grave Iredell?
Bales Iredell? II 333
Barry BQ-C008 HTC Walnut Springs West H. H. Calvert A-163 I 198
Barton BQ-C012 Mosheim L. C. Dorsey A-217 I 119
Bismarck Thiele; St. John's BQ-C029 Valley Mills I 137
Blackwell BQ-C053 Valley Mills I 115
Bob Hill BQ-C054 Glen Rose East Wm. B. Wilson A-844 II 204
Boggy Boggs BQ-C016 German Valley A. Kuykendall A-437 I 162
Brazos Point Andrew's Chapel BQ-C007 Brazos Point Wm. B. Wilson A-844 II 188
Cedar Shores Memorial Park Allen Bend
Cedron BQ-C034 THM Allen Bend Sarah Hensley A-5 I 157
Centerpoint BQ-C068 Valley Mills I 171
Chase BQ-C045 Clifton I 140
Clifton BQ-C022 Clifton F. Lundt
S. Newton
II 262
Clifton Memorial Park BQ-C024 Clifton II 362
Cole Family BQ-C069 Walnut Springs East I 191
Collins Family Meridian
Colwick Family Cemetery BQ-C111 Hurst Spring
Cooper Family BQ-C050 Clifton I 134
Cove Springs Spencer-Looney BQ-C070 Cranfills Gap I 188
Cowboy Pete grave BQ-C071 Valley Mills I 171
Cranfill Family BQ-C017 Cranfills Gap F. M. Renfro A-720 II 210
Cravy Iredell II 187
Culpepper BQ-C072 Walnut Springs West II 158
Cunningham BQ-C073 Glen Rose East II 205
Cureton BQ-C109 Walnut Springs West I 205
Davis BQ-C074 Spring Creek Gap II 333
Dees Grave BQ-C075 Laguna Park? I 187
Dell BQ-C076 Cranfills Gap I 208
Dennis BQ-C077 Meridian I 188
Dillard-Hines Cranfills Gap II 241
Eakin-Evans BQ-C078 Valley Mills I 24
Eubank grave BQ-C079 Pilot Knob I 161
Evans Family Sugarloaf Mountain
Everett-Bass BQ-C043 Meridian I 138
Everett-McLennan BQ-C057 Clifton I 113
Everett-Raley BQ-C080 Valley Mills I 30
Fairview BQ-C031 Laguna Park W. Crabtree A-132 I 24
Farrell Ranch Family Iredell
Felzer BQ-C081 China Springs I 171
Flanary Flag Branch BQ-C010 Camp Branch C. E. Hawkins A-333 I 199
Flat Top Ranch Family Walnut Springs West
Fossett BQ-C044 Meridian/Pilot Knob I 209
Foster BQ-C058 Clifton I 154
Fulton BQ-C009 HTC Walnut Springs West D. Ryan A-700 I 193
Gary Pool BQ-C056 THM Mosheim I 135
Gee Graves Mosheim
Glass BQ-C108 Glen Rose East Wm. B. Wilson A-844 II 204
Gordon BQ-C061 Camp Branch I 189
Greene Family Sugarloaf Mountain
Griffin grave Allen Bend I 161
Hanna BQ-C035 Meridian II 114
Hanson BQ-C082 Brazos Point?
Harrick-Dennis BQ-C083 Blum?
Harvick BQ-C021 Iredell I 188
Hester-Williamson BQ-C062 Iredell I 206
Hill Creek BQ-C084 Glen Rose East J. West A-849 I 208
Hill grave (Calvin) Walnut Springs? II 434
Hill grave (Capp) Camp Branch II 361
Hill grave (Mal) Walnut Springs? II 434
Hill-Long BQ-C063 Mosheim I 138
Holder grave BQ-C085 Walnut Springs West I 199
Johnson grave BQ-C086 Clifton II 375
Jordan grave Meridian
Kanz BQ-C014 Mosheim H. Reeder A-726 I 33
Kimball BQ-C004 Morgan II 143
Knowles BQ-C087 Mosheim I 122
Kopperl BQ-C067 Lakeside Village A. P. Thompson
R. T. Cross
T. Morrow
II 119
Lane's Chapel BQ-C114 THM Mosheim I 123
Liberty Hill Baptist Church Valley Mills
Lumpkin BQ-C088 Sugarloaf Mountain II 211
Main Webb BQ-C089 Walnut Springs West I 192
Marland BQ-C090 Walnut Springs West I 198
Martin BQ-C091 Camp Branch II 211
McCandless BQ-C092 Meridian I 209
McCullough Smiths Bend I 33
McKissick BQ-C064 Allen Bend I 153
Meridian BQ-C025 Meridian W. H. King
J. J. King
II 1
Meridian Memorial Meridian
Mitchell New Iredell BQ-C020 Iredell J. McCullough A-519 II 242
Morgan BQ-C002 Morgan II 159
Norway Mills BQ-C011 Hurst Spring A. W. Moore A-516 I 35
Oak Grove BQ-C006 Walnut Springs East R. McClennen A-523 II 376
Old Valley Mills BQ-C028 Valley Mills J. McClennan A-515 I 34
Oscar McCash grave Walnut Springs West
Oswald BQ-C023 THM Clifton I 143
Our Savior's Lutheran Norse BQ-C117 Sugarloaf Mountain A. Kuykendal
C. Questad
II 67
Parks on Parks Ranch BQ-C093 Sugarloaf Mountain II 375
Parks on Turner Ranch Hurst Spring I 179
Pearce BQ-C094 Iredell/Walnut Springs I 192
Pinnell BQ-C095 Mosheim I 107
Pollan BQ-C096 Meridian? II 118
Possell BQ-C097
Poston-Odle Odle BQ-C013 THM Mosheim S. Johnson A-416 I 116
Rayburn Family Meridian
Riverside BQ-C042 THM Iredell J. McCullough A-519 II 212
Rock Church on Hog Creek BQ-C098 Mosheim I 121
Rock Springs BQ-C113 Valley Mills I 25
Russell BQ-C005 Walnut Springs East P. Ballow A-47 I 200
Russell-French BQ-C115 Spring Creek Gap II 209
Sadler Family BQ-C099 Valley Mills I 136
Scrutchfield Searsville; Maple BQ-C001 HTC Mosheim Michael Boren A-86 I 114
Seljos grave Mosheim
Seventh Day Adventist BQ-C047 Sugarloaf Mountain II 180
Smith Bend-Coon Creek Coon Creek BQ-C030 THM Smiths Bend W. Smith A-775 I 20
Smith Family BQ-C065 Meridian I 209
Smith-Pitts BQ-C100 Spring Creek Gap II 209
Spring Creek BQ-C019 THM Iredell T. Hawkins A-374 I 181
St. Olaf Lutheran BQ-C018 Cranfills Gap J. Footman A-273 I 210
Standifer grave BQ-C101 China Springs I 30
Stiles graves BQ-C066 Morgan II 361
Terrell Terrell-Shell BQ-C015 Mosheim D. Sample A-741 I 154
Thomason-Kennedy BQ-C102 Cranfills Gap II 210
Trinity Lutheran BQ-C103 Clifton F. Lundt A-499 II 334
Tucker grave Cranfills Gap
unknown (E. of Spring Cr) BQ-C040 Iredell
unknown graves BQ-C110 Camp Branch
Valley Mills BQ-C027 HTC Valley Mills John Hamilton A-381 I 36
Wenzel grave
Wilks grave Walnut Springs West II 210
Willow BQ-C106 Valley Mills I 24
Wilson Family BQ-C037 Sugarloaf Mountain
Womack BQ-C032 Laguna Park I 139
Womack-White White-Womack BQ-C003 HTC Morgan C. S. Brown A-89 I 155

* Historical Designations:  THM - Texas Historical Marker, HTC - Historic Texas Cemetery

Alternate/Deprecated Cemetery Names in Bosque County

Cemetery Name
Current Cemetery Name
Allen Bend
relocated to Kimball Cemetery
Andrew's Chapel 
see Brazos Point Cemetery
Coon Creek
see Smith Bend-Coon Creek Cemetery
Flag Branch
see Flanary Cemetery
New Iredell
see Mitchell Cemetery
see Scrutchfield Cemetery
see Our Savior's Lutheran Cemetery
see Poston-Odle Cemetery
Old Kimball
relocated to Kimball Cemetery
see Gary Cemetery
relocated to Kimball Cemetery
see Scrutchfield Cemetery
Schuler #1
relocated to Whitney Memorial Park Cemetery in Hill County
Schuler #2
relocated to Whitney Memorial Park Cemetery in Hill County
see Cove Springs Cemetery
St. John's
see Bismarck Cemetery
see Terrell Cemetery
see Bismarck Cemetery
Walling Bend
relocated to Whitney Memorial Park Cemetery in Hill County
see Main Cemetery
see Womack-White Cemetery

Adjacent County Cemeteries Within a Mile of Bosque County)

County THC
USGS Quad Vol Page
Baker Lain
Johnson JN-C003 Brazos Point -- ---
Hamilton HM-C015 Spring Creek Gap -- ---
Captain Wilson
(relocated to Whitney Memorial Park Cem. in Hill County)
Hill     -- ---
(aka R. B. Camp Ranch)
Hamilton HM-C009 Cranfills Gap II 210
Cranfills Gap
Hamilton HM-C007 Cranfills Gap I 172
(relocated to Whitney Memorial Park Cem. in Hill County)
Hill     -- ---
Fort Graham
Hill HI-C028 Lakeside Village -- ---
McLennan BQ-C060 Valley Mills I 31
McLennan ML-C069 Valley Mills I 110
Hamilton HM-C008 Cranfills Gap -- ---
(aka Nichols, Nickell)
Johnson JN-C308 Brazos Point -- ---
(relocated to Kimball Cem. in Bosque County)
Hill     II 157
Post Oak
Coryell CV-C006 Hurst Spring I 128
Prairie View
Coryell CV-C007 Hurst Spring -- ---
McLennan ML-C103 Mosheim I 118
Hamilton HM-C012 Spring Creek Gap -- ---
Rock Creek
Sovervell SV-C022 Glen Rose East -- ---
Sadler CV-C044 Coryell -- ---
Hamilton HM-C013 Spring Creek Gap -- ---
(relocated to Whitney Memorial Park Cem. in Hill County)
Hill     -- ---
Whitney Memorial Park
(Shuler #1, Shuler #2, and Walling Bend from Bosque County and
Captain Wilson, DeGraffenreid, and Towash from Hill County
were relocated here)
Hill HI-C033   II
Wortham Bend
McLennan ML-C073 China Springs -- ---

More About the Historic Texas Cemetery (HTC) Designation

The HTC designation is an official recognition of family and community graveyards and was developed in 1998 to help protect historic cemeteries by recording cemetery boundaries in county deed records to alert present and future owners of land adjacent to the cemetery of its existence. The designation imposes no restrictions on private owners’ use of the land adjacent to the cemetery or the daily operations of the cemetery. A cemetery is eligible for designation if it is at least 50 years old and is deemed worthy of recognition for its historical associations. The very nature of a cemetery being a landmark of a family’s or community’s presence is considered to validate the criteria of historical associations. Any individual, organization, or agency may submit a request for designation.

List of Historic Texas Cemeteries in Bosque County

The Official Historic Texas Cemetery designation can be obtained through an application process with the Texas Historical Commission. Any individual, organization or agency may submit an application. To receive the designation, the applicant must show proof that the cemetery is at least 50 years old and provide precise information on its location. A processing fee of $25 is required. If a cemetery already has a Historical Marker, certain information requirements in the application can be waived. Once processed, the cemetery is recorded in the county deed records as a historic site and is eligible to display the Historic Texas Cemetery medallion. The medallion can be displayed by itself, as an addition to an already existing Historical Marker, or with a new interpretive plaque with text developed from the history. The cost of the medallion and plaques are additional but are not required for a cemetery to be designated as an Official Historic Texas Cemetery. The designation does not restrict in any way the public use or private owner's use of the land adjacent to the cemetery. Click here to find out more about the Historic Texas Cemetery program and download an application.