Uncle Theo's Scrapbook Index

The published book does not contain page numbers. However, the page containing the portrait of Thomas Theodore Colwick (following the introduction) should be considered as page number one with the pages that follow numbered in sequence. Page numbers in the index are usually followed by letters which identify the column in which the name is found (the first column by the letter “a”, the second column by the letter “b”, and the third column by the letter "c"). In some cases, the reference to the person in the article is somewhat obscure and not specifically identified, or the name has been misspelled. The qualifier in parenthesis after the page numbers below will help identify these persons. 

Abbott, Jo, Judge 65c
Albertson, _________, Miss (of Tyler) 64c
Albertson, Elif (of Tyler) 7b
Anderson, ______ 40a
Anderson, Andrew (1837-1917) 15a, 17c, 19c, 20b
Anderson, Andrew Elias (1853-1925) 4c
Anderson, Edward B. 14c, 17b, 23c, 24a, 27b, 30c, 32b, 33a
Anderson, John 15a, 62c
Anderson, John J., Prof. 12b, 12c, 20c, 23a
Anderson, Mary, Miss 63a, 64a, 64c
Anderson, O 69a
Anderson, Otto 29c
Anderson, Susana, Miss 9b
Anderson, T. W. 18b, 21a, 43c
Andrew, J. L. (of Kansas) 9b
Archibald, W. T. 14c, 16c, 17a, 20c, 27b
Arneberg, Ole 7c
Arneson, Axel 32a
Arneson, John 32c
Arneson, Peder 15a
Arnold, J. A. 69a

Banks, G. Linasus 60b
Barreson, J. 13a -See Jorgen Burreson
Barry, ______, Judge 39b
Barry, A. R., Dr. 24b
Barry, J. B. “Buck” 24b, 25a, 47d, 62b, 69a
Barry, S. S. 69a
Beckham, _____ 24a
Bekkelund, Emil 31c, 32a
Bekkelund, Helge 31c (unnamed Bekkelund brother)
Bekkelund, Inge Olsdatter 31c (unnamed Bekkelund mother)
Bekkelund, John S. 31c (unnamed Bekkelund brother)
Bekkelund, Martin 31c (unnamed Bekkelund brother)
Bekkelund, Ole 31c
Bekken, Halbert 32a
Bekken, J. H. 32a
Belcher, Geo. W. 17c, 19c
Bell, W. S., Prof. (of Chicago) 43b
Bennett, Minnie, Miss 10c, 16c
Berg, John (shoemaker) 2a
Berg, T. F. 33a
Berg, Torvald Torkildsen 33a (unnamed emigrant Berg brother)
Bjornson, Bjornstjerne 3c
Bond, J. A. 2b, 5c, 7a
Braden, Clark 13a
Britton, _____, Col. 6b
Britton, J. M. 44a, 69a
Brock, E., (of Dublin) 45c
Bronstad, Andria, Miss 9a
Bronstad, Carrie, Miss 9a, 64b, 64c
Bronstad, C. O. 9a, 15a, 17b, 18a, 43c, 65a
Bronstad, G. O. 7b, 15c, 20a
Bronstad, Ole (1816-1891), “Grandpa” 18a (unnamed father of C. O. Bronstad), 65a
Bronstad, Ole (1848-1931) 23a, 29b, 29c, 65a
Bronstad, Otto 64b, 65c
Bronstad, Syverine, Miss 9a, 17b
Brooks, W. G. 14a
Brynie, Andrew A. 9a
Burch, W. B. 13c, 23c

Campbell, W. T., Jr. 45a
Canuteson, _____ 7b
Canuteson, _____ 40a
Canuteson, A. Mary, Miss 22b
Canuteson, Andrew 29c
Canuteson, Annie C., Miss 29c
Canuteson, C. A. 8a, 8b, 9a, 10c, 13b, 17b, 23c
Canuteson, Canute 24a
Canuteson, Caroline, Miss 62c
Canuteson, Charles 29c
Canuteson, Christen, Mrs. (Johanne Larsdatter) 34a
Canuteson, Holver 3c, 4c, 9b, 15c
Canuteson, John C. 17b, 30c
Canuteson, Josephine A. Olson (Mrs. Canute Canuteson) 11a
Canuteson, Lizzie, Miss 16a
Canuteson, O. A. 38a
Canuteson, Ole (of Waco) 7b, 9b, 23c
Canuteson, Oscar J. 18b
Canuteson, Otto 30c
Carlson, Bernt 34a
Carlson, Bernt, Mrs. (Karen Andersdatter) 34a
Casey, _____ “Grandma,” 2c
Cash, M. G. 14a
Chase, W. R. 69a
Childress, Doc 45a
Christenson, Christian 22b, 64b
Christianson, Annie, Miss 15b, 44a
Christianson, Eline 34a unnamed sister of Mathias Christianson
Christianson, John 43a
Christianson, Mathias 34a
Christianson, Squeve [Syverine], Miss 43a
Christie, _____, Rev. Dr., (of Waco) 15b
Clark, B. M. 54c, 55a, 55c, 56a, 57b
Clark, W. S. 69a
Clemenson, Jennie, Miss 65a, 65c
Cleveland, Grover 9c
Cleveland, Wm. M. 14a, 44a, 62b, 69a
Cochran, B. M. 32c, 34a
Coke, Richard 41c
Colbye, _____, Mr. 33b
Coleman, R. W. 65b
Colwick, Alfred Isaac Martin 29b, 31c, 38a, 40b, 62c, 64c, 65b, 65c
Colwick, Bertha, Miss 16a, 28c
Colwick, Ella, Miss 16a
Colwick, Elling T. 65a
Colwick, Jennie B., Miss 64a, 65a
Colwick, John N. 12a, 15a, 18b, 19a, 19b, 20a, 27b, 29b, 33c, 42c, 55a, 55b, 58c, 64a
Colwick, Ovee 8a, 15a, 17a, 31b
Colwick, Samuel Houston 15a, 62c, 65a, 65c
Colwick, T. H. (S. H.?) 15a
Colwick, Thomas Theodore 1, 3a, 3b, 12a, 19b, 23a, 23b, 29b, 33c, 36b, 38a, 41b, 42a, 44a

47b, 47c, 50a, 54c, 55a, 56c, 57b, 59c, 61c, 62b, 62c, 65c, 66c, 67a, 68, 70, 71, 73

Cooke, H. C. 24b, 38c
Cornelison, Albert H. B. 29c, 39b (A. H. B. C.), 39c
Cornelison, Christine Colwick (Mrs. L. C. Cornelison) 10c, 64c
Cornelison, L. C. 11b
Cornelison, Orifine [Christine], Miss 16a
Cowen, Oscar W., Dr. 2a, 5b, 7a, 8a, 11a, 17b, 20c, 23a, 39a, 39b, 40b
Culberson, _____ 24b
Culberson, _____, Prof. 17b, 23c
Culbertson, Burta, Miss 15a
Cummings, J. M. 69a
Cunningham, D. M. 60b

Dagley, J. B. 54c, 55a, 62b
Dahl, Andrew 29c, 65a
Dahl, Caroline, Miss 29c
Dahl, Christian 32a
Dahl, Christine Furuseth (Mrs. Hendrik Dahl) 32a
Dahl, Gina, Miss 32a
Dahl, Helen, Miss 32a
Dahl, Peter 27a, 32b
Dansby, Aaron 5a
Dansby, Jonathan 14a, 28a, 45a
Davis, S. O., (of Wise County) 60b
DeBerry, _____ 9a
DeHart, T. A. 14a
Dehn, F. H., Mr & Mrs 63b
Dillard, _____ 63b
Duncan, S. D. A. 61c

Eggen, T. A. 8a
Ellingson, Johanna Maria, Miss 5b (unnamed bride of O. M. Olson), 32a
Erickson, Emelia Skramstad (Mrs. Lauritz Erickson) 15c
Erickson, Emil 31b, 60a, 63a, 64b
Erickson, Johanna, Miss 8a
Erickson, Lauritz 16c, 33c
Ericsson & Linberg 21b
Ericsson, H. W. 3a, 12a, 13a, 15b, 17c, 18b, 20b, 21b, 22a, 24c
Estrem, Ole, Rev. 11a, 11c
Eulin, _____, Rev., (of Austin) 15b
Evans, Sam, Capt. 43a
Everett, P. H. 69a

Fibbs, G. J. 56a -see Gibbs
Fields, Jno. D. 60b
Finstad, Gunnel, Miss 6b (Gonner)
Finstad, Ole O. 18a, 31a
Foss, Bertha Marie Baardsdatter (Mrs. Torkel G. Foss) 12b (unnamed emigrant relative of Ole P. Foss)
Foss, Torkel G. 12b (unnamed emigrant relative of Ole P. Foss)
Foss, Ole P., 12b, 38b, 39a
Foster, S. F. (of Johnson County) 39b
Franklin, Benj. 25b, 25c
Frye, Mollie, Mrs. 65c
Furman, Henry M. 39b

Gangshei, Neil 29c
Garrison, William Lloyd 66a
Geers, C. W. 58b
Gibbs, _____ 24a
Gibbs, G. Jeff. 5b, 21a, 28c, 53c, 56a
Gilbert, Sophia, Miss (of Bellville) 65c
Gilbersten, Ole 27a
Golden, Geo., Rev. 14a, 26b
Gordan, _____, Prof. 10a
Granlee, Annie, Miss 15c (unnamed emigrant niece of Mrs. Emelia Erickson)
Granlee, Peter 15c (unnamed emigrant nephew of Mrs. Emelia Erickson)
Granlee, Severin 15c (unnamed emigrant brother of Mrs. Emelia Erickson), 17a, 18a
Grann, Helge J. 5c, 7a, 13c (H.G.), 15b, 17c, 19a, 20b, 23a, 23b, 24a, 26a, 33b, 33c, 40a, 40b
Grant, R. J. 53a
Graves, J. D. C. 69a
Greene, George D., (of Cleburne) 29c
Grimland, _____ 40a
Grimland, Andrew C. 30c, 32a
Grimland, Charles L. 64a, 64c
Grimland, Edward 20c, 32a, 64a
Grimland, Emma B. L., Miss 9a, 13c, 20b, 32a
Grimland, G. 18a
Grimland, Harry N. 29c, 65c
Grimland, Lucy Wallace (Mrs. Edward Grimland) 64a, 64c
Grimland, Mollie B., Miss 38b, 65c
Grimland, Neil 3c, 15a, 17c, 29b, 62c
Grimland, Ole 14c, 24c
Grimland, Peter A. 31a, 33a
Grimland, Tellev William 9a, 17c, 18b, 33a
Grimland, Y “Squire” 5c, 7a, 7b, 15c, 20b, 20c, 25c, 29b, 38a
Guinn, J. A. 64c
Gunderson, Bettie, Miss 44a
Gunderson, Gunder 44a
Gunn, _____, Mr. 43a

Hall, _____, Miss 65c
Hall, _____, Judge 41c
Hall, Monroe 45a
Hansen, H. J. 19b, 20b
Hanson, Isaac 20c
Hanson, Jacob 20c
Hanson, Knud 22b, 22c
Hanson, Mary, Miss 39a
Hanson, Peter H., (of Mexia) 9a
Harrington, Charles 11a, 17b, 18b, 21a, 22a, 23a, 24c, 25b, 32c, 33a, 39a, 39b
Harrington, Hannah Theresa Johnson (Mrs. Charles Harrington) 30c
Harris, Sam. G. 47c, 48a
Hawkins, _____ 24c
Hayes, A. 38b, 39a
Heatley, J. C. & D. 30c
Henderson, J. D., Mr & Mrs. 65a
Hill Bros. 28a
Hill, J. N. 24a
Hodges, Geo. A. 9c
Hoel, Chris. M. 64a
Hoel, M., Mr. 65a
Hoel, Ole 5b, 7a
Hoff, _____, Mr. 7b, 13a, 40a
Hoff, Hannah 72
Hoff, James P. 64a, 69a
Hoff, Martha Olson (Mrs. James P. Hoff) 17c
Hoff, Mickel 10c
Hoff, Ole 10c
Hoff, Oscar 70
Hogensen, Jorgen 15c
Hogevoll, Torger T. 11a (Hogool, T.), 20c, 27b, 32c, 62a (Hogswell, T. T.), 65c
Hogstel, Chas. 22a, 23b, 34a
Holen, Christian O. 10c, 11a, 32a
Holen, Ole 9c, 17b (Holm, Ole), 65a
Holmes, Calvin 5c, 7a
Holverson farm 15c
Holverson, Gusta [Augusta], Miss 9b
Holverson, Louise, Miss 9b, 32a
Holverson, Ole 19c
Holverson, Rachel Oline Brown (Mrs. Halvor C. Halverson) 9b
Homerstad, Ellen Ringnes (Mrs. John Homerstad) 8b, 9c
Howard, T. C. 8c
Hoyt, John W., Gov. 6c
Hudson, Geo. 24a
Huse, John 9b
Huset, Canute, (of Minnesota) 18a
Hutcherson, B. T. 14a, 69a

Ingersoll, R. G. 51a

Jackson, W. A. 14a, 25a
Jenkins, Cicero, Col. (of Waco) 30a
Jenson, Annie, Miss 51c, 65a
Jenson, Anton 9c
Jenson, Chris. 20b, 21a, 22a, 23a, 23b, 32b, 55a, 62c
Jenson, Cora T., Miss 32a
Jenson, James, Sr. 55a, 58c
Jenson, James, Jr.? 62c
Jenson, Petrine Pierson (Mrs. Chris Jenson) 2b. 2c
Jenson, Thomas 65a, 65c
Johnson & Olson 18b -see Olson & Johnson
Johnson, _____, (blacksmith) 27a, 32c
Johnson, Annie O., Miss 13b
Johnson, Chas. 32c
Johnson, Ellen, Miss 22a
Johnson, J. B. 18a
Johnson, Josie 29c
Johnson, Martha, Miss 29c, 31b
Johnson, Martin 54a
Johnson, Mollie, Miss 16c, 31b, 39a
Johnson, Olena, Miss 9b (unnamed bride of John Huse)
Johnson, Ottine Wold (Mrs. Otto Johan Johnson) 16a
Johnson, Otto Johan 3a, 4c, 5c, 7a, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9c, 10b, 12a, 12b, 12c, 20a, 20c, 21a,

23c, 24a, 24c, 26c, 39a, 41b, 42b, 42c, 51c, 64a

Jones, _____, Prof. 65a
Jones, Evan 52d, 60a, 63c

Kell, Frank 16c
Kendrick, B. F. 60b
Kendrick, B. J. 50b
Kilgore, B. 10c
Knight, R. B. 14a
Knight, W. M. 27c
Knudson, Tobias 32c (Fabias Canuteson)
Koren, Ulrik V., Rev. 11a, 11b

Langen/Laquen [Laugen], Ole K. 5a, 18a, 32b
Larson, Bergethe, Miss 21c (unnamed bride of Ole Thingstad)
Larson, John 43a
Lee, Dora/Dorthia, Miss 64c, 65a
Lee, Emil 65a
Lee, John B. 15a, 32b
Lee, Maria, Miss 63c, 65a
Lee, Mathea, Miss 32b (unnamed sister of John B. Lee)
Lee, Ole 15a
LeQuarn, Carsten 16c, 17c, 21a, 21b, 22a, 25c, 43a
Linberg, LeQuarn & Co. 10a, 10b, 11a, 11b, 15a, 16c, 17b, 21b, 22a, 24c
Linberg, E. M. & Son 33b, 60a
Linberg, _____ 40a
Linberg, Erick M. 10b, 26b, 31b
Linberg, Martha, Mrs. 15c
Linberg, Martin J. 8b, 9c, 22a, 26b, 32c, 44a
Linberg, Olive, Miss 65c
Lind, A. L. 9b
Lind, _____, Mrs. 15a
Lindsey, J. C. 69a
Lockett, O. L. 24b
Lockett, W. H. 9a, 15c
Lumpkin, J. J., Dr. 45a
Lund, C. H. 6b

Macune, C. W., Dr. 29b, 52b, 54b, 60c, 63c
Maddox, W. W. 14a
Magnussen, Magnus 2b (unnamed deceased at Rogstad home)
Martin, _____ 24a
Martin, Bergete C. Naadland, Mrs., (widow of Davis E. Martin) 28c, 31a, 64c, 65c
McCracken, Isaac 63c
McDowell, _____ (of Gatesville) 39b
McGaughey, _____ 9a
McInturff, _____ 64c
McKay, A. C. 24b
McKay, W. D., Prof. 9b (McCoy), 11a, 16a, 16c (McRay), 17a, 20c, 23c, 24a
McSpadden, C. H. 14a, 54c, 55a, 62b, 67c
McSpadden, T. A. 69a
Mickelson Bros. 7b (Michelsen)
Miles, W. H. 69a
Mitchell, D. L. 69a
Montgomery, W. T., Prof. 2a, 2b, 3b, 4c, 5a
Moore, W. A. 14a, 31b, 31c, 38c, 56b, 57b, 66a
Morrow, T. 69a

Nelson, _____, Mr. 39b
Nelson, G. 32a
Nelson, Gulbrand 9b
Nelson, James N., Capt. 20b, 27a, 37b, 43c
Nelson, L., Mr. (of Waco) 64b
Nelson, N. J. 20b, 27a, 37b
Nelson, Niel 16c
Nesteby, Anna, Miss 64c, 65a
Newton, Kin 45a
Neystel, Annie Gurine, Miss 10b
Neystel, Targer 22b
Nolan, M. J. 58a
Nygaard, G. O. 32c

Olson & Johnson (ginners) 15b, 16b, 16c, 18b, 21b
Olson, _____ 40a
Olson, Annie, Miss 11a
Olson, Antonette Johnson (Mrs. Ole M. Olson) 31c
Olson, August 11a
Olson, Beatrice, Miss 65c
Olson, Bernt 63a
Olson, Bertha, Mrs. 32c
Olson, Chris 30c
Olson, Elsie, Miss 72
Olson, Iver 63a
Olson, J. 17b
Olson, J. Marie Ellingson (Mrs. Ole Michael Olson) 7c, 8a, 20a
Olson, Jake 5c, 7b, 8a, 8b
Olson, John A. 62c
Olson, Julia E., Miss 21a, 25c, 31b, 32c
Olson, Lars 9c
Olson, Margaret C. H. Colwick (Mrs. Oscar M. Olson) 17a, 43a
Olson, Marie, Mrs. 20a -see J. Marie Olson
Olson, Marthe Hansdatter, Mrs., (widow of Knud Olson) 32c
Olson, Martin 8a, 65c
Olson, Martinus 64b
Olson, Melissa, Miss 32c, 65c
Olson, Michael 20a -see Ole Michael Olson
Olson, Ole 4c, 6b, 17b, 18a, 19a, 24a, 27c, 38a, 38b
Olson, Ole M. 1832-1897, 25c, 26c, 43c
Olson, Ole Michael 1852-1890, 5b, 7b, 7c, 17b, 20a, 43c
Olson, Oscar Miller, Dr. 1855-1936, 5b, 8a, 9a, 15a, 17a, 17b, 39a
Oman, Y. E. 6a
Opsahl, Theodore G., Rev. 65c
Orvig, Claus 15a (unnamed emigrant family in Colwick house), 15c
Ownby, J. L. 44a, 56a, 56c, 57b, 59a, 59c, 66b
Oxelquist, Hansine W. F. Johnson 15c (Mrs. Axelquist)
Oxelquist, John 15c (Mr.Axelquist)

Parshall, _____, Dr. 8a, 39a
Pearson, M. V. 62b, 69a
Pederson, Bettie, Miss 32a
Pederson, C. E. 13c
Pederson, Caroline Pierson (widow of Christopher Pederson 1827-1881) 65a, 65c
Pederson, Christopher Columbus 1861-1888, 16c, 37b
Pederson, Hellene, Miss 9a, 15c
Pederson, Julie Marie, Miss 18a (Maria J. Peterson)
Pederson, Lavine, Miss 15c (unnamed young lady emigrant)
Pederson, Martin 16a
Pederson, Ole 29c
Pederson, Olivia, Miss 32a
Pederson, Oscar 5b
Pederson, Peter T. 62c
Peerson, Cleng 21a, 21b, 23c
Perdue, J. M., (of Upshur County) 60b
Peterson, _____, Mr & Mrs 11a
Petterson, Olof 63a
Pierson & Bekken 32b
Pierson, _____ 40a
Pierson, John M. 64b, 65a
Pierson, Peter 5c, 7a, 10c, 11b, 13b, 20b, 25c, 27c, 28c, 43c, 62c, 64a
Pinkard, James F. 33a
Polk, L. L. 60c
Potter, W. O. 14a, 44a, 53a, 62b
Poulson, _____ 40a
Poulson, _____, Mr. (of Waco) 32a
Poulson, George H. 20c, 38b, 39a
Poulson, Oline Mary Halvorsdatter 26a (widow of Paul Poulson)
Poulson, Palmer 29c
Prather, _____, Mr. 39b
Prather, T. A. 64b
Preston, J. L. 62b
Putnam, Samuel P. (of San Francisco) 63b

Questad, Carl 21a, 58c

Ramsey, W. F. 9a
Rea, Emma, Miss 40a
Rea, Gelena, Miss 40a, 62a, 63a, 65a
Rea, John 40a
Rea, Oscar J. 51c, 60a, 62a, 62c, 63a, 64b, 65a
Reeder, A. Y. 5b, 7b, 8a, 24a, 43a
Reeder, Dennie, Miss 65c
Reeder, Peter N. 17b
Reierson, Ouline Orbeck (widow of Johan Reinert Reierson) 19c
Remsburg, John E. (of Atchison, Kansas) 2a, 19c, 23a
Rierson, Ouline, Mrs. 19c -see Reierson, Ouline
Rierson, Peter P. 5b, 7a
Riley, D. C. 43b, 44a, 53a, 62b
Ringness & Solberg -see Solberg & Ringness
Ringness, _____ 40a
Ringness, Kari Jensdatter (widow of Jens Olson Ringness) 9c
Ringness, John J. 8b, 10c (Kingness, J. J.), 11a, 15a, 17b, 43b, 55b, 64a
Ringness, Ole 70
Robertson, T. R. 69a
Rodgers, B. F. 60b
Rogers, C. C. 44a, 69a
Rogstad, John 2b, 27a, 37b
Rogstad, Martha, Miss 13c
Rolen, Eugene A. 2a, 3a, 3b, 5a, 5b, 7b, 10a, 10b, 11b, 13a, 15a, 17c, 20b,

23a, 23c, 24a, 26c, 27b, 29c, 32c, 33c

Rolen, Eliza, Mrs. 33c
Ross, Sul 24a
Rude, Olaf 29c
Rumph, D. M. (of Erath County) 60b
Rutherford, John 69a
Rystad, John K., Rev. 3a, 5c, 7b, 10b, 11b, 16b, 18b, 21c, 22a, 23b, 28c,

32a, 32c, 65a, 65c

Saastad [Sausted], Paul 44a
Saddler, B. P. 69a
Samuelson, Syvert 10b
Sears, _____, Judge 26a
Shaw, James D. (of Waco) 13b
Shefstad, Matilda Olson (Mrs. George Shefstad) 21a
Shirley, Arne H. 9c (Shorley), 62b (Sjolie)
Shirley, Chris 11a (Sholley), 11b (Sjolie)
Sibert, _____, Prof. 15c
Siddall, W. P. 69a
Simmons, Nellie Booth 50a
Sinderud, Annie, Miss 32a
Sinderud, Nils 32a
Sinderud, Ole 43c
Skramstad, Edward S. 8a (Skrenstad), 15c (Skremstad)
Skramstad, Lars S. 38b, 39a
Solberg & Ringness (ginners) 2a, 7b, 15b
Solberg, Kestie Grimland (Mrs. Ole Solberg) 63a
Solberg, Ole 3c, 9a, 12a, 16b, 18b, 21b, 23a, 55b, 63a
Sorenson, Hans (of Mexia) 9a (Messr. Swenson), 9c (Mr. Swenson), 13c, 31a
Sorenson, Kate, Miss 13c, 31a, 64b
Sorley, Agnetta Burreson (Mrs. Marius Sorley) 7c
Stapleton, G. J. 33a
Stinson, J. W. 14a
Styles, Carey W., Col. 56a
Surlie, Marius, Mrs. 7c -see Sorley, Agnetta
Swanlund, _____, Rev. 32c
Swenson, _____, Mr. 39b
Swenson, B. B. 19b, 27c
Swenson, Caroline [Karine], Miss 32c
Swenson, Chas. 31a
Swenson, Clara, Miss 13c
Swenson, Erik B. 12a
Swenson, J. J., Rev. 10c
Swenson, Mary Pierson (widow of Niels B. Swenson) 7c, 13c
Swenson, Niel M. 11b, 44a
Swenson, Otto 19b
Swenson, Sarah Knudson (Mrs. B. B. Swenson) 11c

Tergerson, _____ 40a
Terrell, Ben 50b
Terrell, Will A. 3c, 4c, 9b
Tett, J. A. (of Ruston, Louisiana) 52a
Thingstad, Lars 19a
Thingstad, Ole 21c
Thingstad, Petra Pedersdatter (Mrs. Lars Thingstad) 34a
Thodberg, Agnes, Miss 65c
Thoreson [Torrison], Isaac B., Rev. 18b, 32c
Tucker, Benj. 40b
Turmo, Andreas O., Rev. 10c, 11a

Upshaw, _____ 9a

Vestgaard, _____, Mr. 13a -see Anton L. Westgard
Vincent, _____, Mrs. 53c
Vincent, C., Prof. (of Winfield, Kansas) 64b
Vincent, James U. 29c, 31a, 40a, 41b, 41c, 42a
Vinson, W. W. 69a
Volkmar, Gustav 3c
Vollum, Ole 32c -see Wollum
Voss, R. E. 64c

Waite, Charles B. 3c
Walker, Geo. W. 20b
Wallace, Lucy, Miss 64a, 64c
Wallace, Mattie, Miss 17b
Wallace, Samuel J. 2b, 32b
Ward, E. 43b, 44a, 57a, 62b
Washington, Geo. 25b, 25c
Weeks, James N. 44a, 53a, 54c, 55a, 61c, 67a
Ween, Martha, Miss 64a (Wenn)
Ween, Mollie, Miss 64a (Wenn)
Wellborn, Olin 9a
Wesley [Westley], Chris, Mrs. 4c
Westgard, Anton Larsen 13a
White, J. L. 53a
Whitworth, M. M. 69a
Williams, Jas. G. 69a
Winberg, _____, Mr. 9a
Wold, Sophie, Miss 32c
Wollum, Ole 32c
Word, B. J. 24b

Young, A. (of Cleburne) 18c

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