Early Settlers of Bosque County

The following people voted in the first election in Bosque County on Aug. 7, 1854: L. H. Scrutchfield, J. K. Helton, J. N. Mabray, Capt. Underhill, James Mabry, Wm. Gary, Gafey Gary, Isaac Gary, Matt Gary, John Robertson, John Thomas, F. M. Kell, Archie Kell, Wm. McCurry, Jack McCurry, Lam McCurry, Samuel Locker, Nathaniel Morgan, R. S. Barnes, and J. P. Locker. Though there were a number of Norwegians living in Bosque County at the time of this first election, none were able to vote because they had not been in America long enough to become naturalized citizens.

A pink granite marker and bronze plaque listing some of the first settlers of Bosque County was placed in Pool Park in 1926 by the Pioneers of Bosque County to honor those early Bosque pioneers. The park is located 4½ miles south of Clifton on State Highway 6. The plaque reads "In honor of some of the pioneers who settled in Bosque County prior to 1866. The name of the head of the family is used, but equal honor is intended for the heroic women who braved the dangers of pioneer life." The following is the list of the 216 names as they appear on the monument:

Aarneberg Ole   Grann H. J.   Pederson Christopher
Abney John   Greer Mrs. Nancy   Pettit Andrew
Adams Col. Icabod   Griffin E. B.   Pettit John
Adams Silvester   Hall Wm.   Pearson John Z.
Adams Britt   Hamby Harvey   Pierson Ole
Alexander Joseph   Hamby John   Pool J. B.
Alexander T. C.   Hanna J. S.   Pollard Tom
Anderson Nancy S.   Hanson H. J.   Powell G. S.
Archibald T. W.   Harris J. A.   Questad Carl
Arnold J. R.   Hart R. J.   Ragsdale Joseph
Barry Col. J. Buck   Harvey John   Ragsdale Thos. P.
Barry C. C.   Hendrix M. B.   Randal Jackson H.
Barnett Dr. A. M.   Hester R. A.   Randal Joe
Bateman Dr. W. L.   Hill Harrison D.   Reeder Mrs. Darcus C.
Becktill Charlie   Hill S. T.   Reeder A. Y.
Biffle John   Hines A. F.   Reierson J. L.
Billingsley Isaac   Holloway Simpson   Renfro Silvester
Bowman Lewis   Holloway W. H.   Richards W. B.
Bowman Silas   Holverson A.   Richards William Warren
Bretta Andrew   Howard Phillip   Ringness Jens
Bronstad Mrs. Anna   Howell J. E.   Roberts J. C.
Browning F. M.   Hunter Jack   Robertson E. B.
Burch Sam L.   Irvin Riley   Robinson Daniel
Callahan Ad   James Frank   Rogstad Berger
Callahan Lon   James Johnie   Russell Dr. W. H.
Calhoun Jack   Jenson James   Scott Ben F.
Canuteson Canute   Jenson Jens   Scott Sim
Canuteson Neal   Jenson Hans   Screws Nathan
Canuteson Ole   Johnson Otto J.   Sears A. W.
Canuteson O. A.   Johnson J. H.   Sedberry W. R.
Carton Wm.   Johnson Jon   Skimland Andrew
Childress A. W.   Jones W. L.   Skimland Knud
Clabough C. F.   Kemp W. T.   Smith J. J.
Claybrook Christopher   King J. J.   Smith Joseph W.
Claggett T. D.   Knight Rena   Snell Ephraim
Collier Capt. Frank M.   Lane James   Snider J. H.
Colwick Ovee   Lay Wm.   Snouts Phillip
Cope William   Lee J. S.   Spalding Dr. W. E.
Cox Jno. W.   Little Dr. H. L.   Sparks Ben
Cox Wm.   Logan Charles   Speer Jacob
Craddock L.   Lot Sod   Spivey Temple
Cranfill Erasmus   Maples W. H.   Standifer Israel B.
Cunningham Henry   Martin G. W.   Standifer John H.
Cutbirth Elijah   McDonnell Neal   Stark Mrs. J. H.
Dahl Henrik O.   McCabe Silas   Steen John C.
Dansby J.   McFadden J. A.   Stidham Wm.
De Cordova Jacob   McKenzie John   Stinnett J. A.
Dennis Mrs. Louisa   McKissick John W.   Swenson B. C.
Downing Paul   McLennan John (Bosque)   Terrell A.
Ellington Wm.   McSpadden Jas. A.   Thompson David
Everett Ewell   Miller R. C.   Thompson Silas
Everett Thomas E.   Million Wm.   Thompson Silvester
Everett W. Haney   Mitchell W. C.   Timms James
Ferris A. J.   Moore W. B.   Timms Walter
Fields J. W.   Myers Abraham   Tuggle Henry
Ford T. C.   Naadland Bergete C.   Walker Dixon
Ford T. J.   Neely B. F.   Walker J. L.
Fort R. T.   New E. S.   Wallace Sam
Fossett Henry   Nichols S. S.   Walling Jno. H.
Fossett Capt. Sam   Norris Greenville   Waters George
Fowler Levi   Odle J. D.   Ween Ole
Frazier J. C.   Odle John   West Tom
Fuller Moses W.   Ogden E. J. W.   White Elisha
Gandy Frank M.   Olson Joseph   White R. O.
Gaston H. M   Olson Lars   Whitehead B. T.
George A. J.   Olson Ole   Willingham Brooks
George E. B.   Omenson Omen   Wintz John R.
Goodall Mrs. Nancy   Parks Leroy   Womack R. M.
Goodall Pleasant   Paulson C. A.   Wold Ole
Goodlett Jno. A.   Paulson Paul   Wood James
Glass W. M.   Payne John   Wood J. B.
Gouldy W. S.   Pearce A. C.   Wylie Thomas N.

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