1880 U. S. Census of Bosque County

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1880 Census Data Summary

General Population Characteristics  
Total Population 11,217
Total Number of White Persons 10,718
Total Number of Colored Persons 498
Total Number of Chinese Persons 1
Total Number of Males 6,058
Total Number of Females 5,159
Total Number of Native-Born Persons 10,520
Total Number of Foreign-Born Persons 697
Number of Males 5-17 Years of Age 1,785
Number of Females 5-17 Years of Age 1,696
Number of Males 18-44 Years of Age 2,490
Number of Males 21 Years of Age and Over 2,824
Property and Taxation
Assessed Valuation of Real Estate $1,245,688
Assessed Valuation of Personal Property $691,875
State Taxation $13,648
County Taxation $11,245
Town/City Taxation $0
Area in Square Miles 1000