The modern history of Bosque County begins with the early Spanish explorers who bestowed the name of Bosque meaning "wooded" to the river that bisects the county. The first surveys for land grants in the Bosque Valley occurred in the 1830's before Texas became a Republic. In 1849, a few years after Texas attained statehood, the first permanent settlers arrived to a territory still roamed by Native Americans. By 1854, the number of settlers living in the territory had increased, and Bosque County was created on February 8, 1854 by an act of the Texas Legislature. (more)

The Bosque County Historical Commission is the official organization for carrying out the State preservation program at the local level. Its purpose is to preserve, mark, and encourage appreciation of the historical in Bosque County, Texas. (more)

The Bosque County Collection is a library, archives, and research center for the local history of Bosque County. Established in 1983 by the Bosque County Historical Commission, its mission is to collect and preserve valuable and irreplaceable historic as well as current materials about the county and make them readily available to researchers. (more)

Friends of the Bosque County Collection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation supporting the goals of the Bosque County Collection. (more)


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1950 Bosque County Census is now available! Click here for more information and to view it.

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The Lumpkin Building (early 1900's)
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