1860 U. S. Census of Bosque County

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1860 Census Enumeration Districts

The 1860 census did not have enumeration districts. Instead there was a place on each census page to show the nearest Post Office. The 1860 census had locations for Clifton, Meridian, Norman Hill, Flag Pond, and Cyrus. On a number of pages, the Post Office originally indicated had been crossed out and another written afterwards. The following Post Office locations should be used as a guide only. It is quite likely that there was considerable overlap from the preceding and subsequent page.

Post Office Census Pages
Clifton 32A-33A
Norman Hill 33B-34B
Clifton 35A-36A
Meridian 36B-37A
Clifton 37B
Meridian 38A-39A
Clifton 39B
Flag Pond 40A-41B
Clifton 42A-42B
Norman Hill 43A
Clifton 43B-45B
none given 46A
Cyrus 46B-48A
Clifton 48B
Meridian 49A-51A
Clifton 51B
Meridian 52A
Clifton 52B
Meridian 53A