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Government Records Collection

The Government Records Collection consists of many original official documents of Bosque County governmental offices, some microfilmed documents, and some indexes compiled by Collection volunteers. Provided below is a brief summary of each type of record followed by a table with a more detailed listing of the records contained in the Collection.

Notice of Intention to Marry - These are documents giving the names, ages, and residences of couples that intended to marry; 1929-1933, two original volumes, each volume individually indexed.

Affidavits for Marriage Licences - These are affidavits stating that there are no legal objections for a couple to marry. If a couple is under age (21 for the groom; 18 for the bride), the parents must give their approval. Many of these affidavits contain the original attached letters and notes signed by the parents; 1894-1903, 1908-1909, original volumes 1-3, 5 (volume 4 is missing),  volume 3 is indexed, remaining volumes are not indexed. The affidavits ARE NOT unclaimed marriage licenses and remain the property of the Collection. They may, however, be copied.

Deed Records - These are the early deed books for Bosque County. The deeds are ordered by the date they were recorded, not executed, so earlier deeds may be contained in later volumes; 1854-1888, original volumes 4A, A-1, A-2, B-I, K-Z, 2-9 (there was no volume A or J), direct and reverse indexes; microfilm records of all deed books and other original deed books (including A-3, 1, and subsequent volumes) are available at the County Clerks office in the Courthouse (volume 27 contains deeds transcribed from McLennan County, 1850-1855).

Ledgers and Receipt Books

Auditor Reports

Sheriff's Civil Docket and Fee Book


Type of Record Volume Dates
Affidavits for Marriage License 1 03 Dec 1894 - 22 Nov 1897
Affidavits for Marriage License 2 22 Nov 1897 - 28 Feb 1901
Affidavits for Marriage License 3 05 Mar 1901 - 19 May 1903
Affidavits for Marriage License 5 25 Apr 1908 - 15 Mar 1909
Notice of Intention to Marry 1 17 Jun 1929 - 20 Dec 1931
Notice of Intention to Marry 2 04 Jan 1932 - 23 May 1933
Deed Records 4A 1859-1875
Deed Records A-1 1884-1886
Deed Records A-2 1859-1875
Deed Records B 1854-1856
Deed Records C 1855-1868
Deed Records D 1852-1859
Deed Records E 1860-1863
Deed Records F 1863-1867
Deed Records G 1865-1872
Deed Records H 1867-1869
Deed Records I 1866-1869
Deed Records K 1871-1873
Deed Records L 1871-1881
Deed Records M 1873-1875
Deed Records N 1873-1875
Deed Records O 1874-1883
Deed Records P 1875-1879
Deed Records Q 1875-1878
Deed Records R 1878-1881
Deed Records S 1879-1880
Deed Records T 1880-1881
Deed Records U 1880-1882
Deed Records V 1881-1882
Deed Records W 1881-1883
Deed Records X 1882-1883
Deed Records Y 1883
Deed Records Z 1883-1884
Deed Records 2 1884-1886
Deed Records 3 1885-1886
Deed Records 4 1886
Deed Records 5 1886
Deed Records 6 1886-1887
Deed Records 7 1886-1887
Deed Records 8 1887
Deed Records 9 1887-1888
Deed Records Index Direct  
Deed Records Index Reverse