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Vertical File Collection

The Vertical File Collection consists of printed materials, clippings, pamphlets, etc., and serves as a ready reference source for researchers. This page was posted without proofing and editing to get some useful information out quickly and may not contain everything in the collection. It will be revised in the future. Donations of material of historic interest is gladly accepted by The Bosque County Collection.

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Bank, Farmer's State (Meridian)   Robbery, 1928
Blum, city of    
Bosque County   An act to create the county of Bosque. Reproduction Texas State Archives.
Bosque County   Frank Tolbert Cooking
Bosque County   50th Anniverary 1904.
Bosque County   Bridges
Bosque County   Cattle Industry
Bosque County   Cemeteries
Bosque County - History of William C. Pool The Frontier Along the Bosque: An Introduction
Bosque County -- 50th anniversary, 1904   Lists of elected county officials. 1876-1930.
Bosque County -- An act to create Co.of Bosque   Historical Commission.
Bosque County -- Divorce Record Index   Microfilm.
Bosque County -- Elected officials, 1876-1930   Elections.
Bosque County -- Election Return, 1902   Returns, 1902;
Bosque County -- Election, 1990    
Bosque County -- Politics   Politics
Bosque County Clerk   Photo office of county clerk, 1914.
Bosque County Collection   Contact forms
Bosque County Conservatory of Arts   First art show, 1986.
Bosque County Courthouse    
Bosque County Historical Commission    
Bosque County History Book   Clippings, etc.
Bosque County Judges    
Bosque County, Texas   Early community histories from Whitney Messenger.
Bosque County-- Courthouse   Courthouse
Bridges -- Historic Bridges    
Cemeteries -- Bosque Co. Cemeteries    
Cemeteries -- Bosque County Cemeteries    
Central Texas Archeologist S. Alan Skinner, ed. Horn Shelter Number 2: The North End and the south end.
Chisholm Trail   Selections from Bosque County Land and People and the Shedding of Blood.
Churches -- Baptist (Oakgrove, Valley Mills)    
Churches -- Church of Christ (Valley Mills)   Valley Mills
Churches -- Cranfills Gap --Methodist (1st United)    
Churches -- First United Methodist Church   Meridian, Texas
Churches -- Iredell Baptist Church   History update of Baptists at Iredell, Texas. June 10, 1991.
Civil War   articles from Handbook of Texas; Historical atlas of Texas (map); Bosque Co.; muster rolls.
Civil War Pensions   John P. Locker
Clifton   Ordinance Book of the City Council, July 10, 1902; Misc. photos.
Clifton - Clinic    
Clifton - Masons and Order of the Eastern Star    
Clifton - Senior Citizens    
Clifton High School   Program, 1912 graduation; 1914 Commencement; Memoirs of Palmer Olsen (1912 class).
Clifton School District    
Clifton, Collection of Glass Plate Negative   source: Amon Carter Museum, Circa 1907. Zerox copies of negatives.
Clifton, History of Mrs. Robert L. Baldridge 10-3-1961
Clifton, Texas   Mill "old"
Clifton, Texas   Sanborn Map, 1900
Clifton, Texas - Post office   Dedication of Post office mural, 1940.
Clifton, Texas- Public schools   Clippings.
Clive Barker Center   Resources pertaining to Bosque Co., Texas.
Clubs - Literary Society, Phi Betta Kappa    
Clubs -- Bluebonnet Art-Craft Club, Laguna Park   History of club; membership lists; clippings, 6-6-1985, Kathryn Stell
Clubs -- Dar Papers   Benjamin Cutbirth
Community -- Allen Bend Lenore Stephenson Steen article?
Community -- Auburn Branch Lucille A. Hughes article?
Community -- Bergman Mary Bergman  
Community -- Black Stump Geraldine Bakke  
Community -- Boggy Norine Fort Gillespie  
Community -- Brazos Point Mrs. Ella Osborne  
Community -- Cayote Valeria Whitney and Alma W. Moorman  
Community -- Center Point Ada Windham  
Community -- Coon Creek Mrs. M. V. Bonds  
Community -- Cooper Mrs. L. G. Carlson  
Community -- Cove Springs James Moore  
Community -- Cranfills Gap Charlene Tergerson and LaVerne Pendleton  
Community -- Dyersville Mrs. Lee (thelma) McCullough  
Community -- Fairview Helen Blassingame  
Community -- Fairview (Iredell) Rudell Blue Smith  
Community -- Footout Floyd and Murtle Rymer  
Community -- Goodal Family History    
Community -- Greenock Mrs. H. W. Johnson  
Community -- Harmony Mrs. Orin L. Lund  
Community -- Help LaMona Boyd  
Community -- Hunton (Bodine) Willie Mae Jones Hall  
Community -- Iredell LaMona Boyd and Geraldine Bakke  
Community -- Iredell, History of   See James K. Greer papers
Community -- Kent Colony Lucille A. Hughes  
Community -- Kimball    
Community -- Kimball Lucille A. Hughes  
Community -- Kimball Ferry    
Community -- Kopperl Lucille A. Hughes  
Community -- Kopperl -- Photos   Koperl street scene, 1907; baseball team, 1936; postoffice 100th anniversary.
Community -- Laguna Park Mrs. Edwin Stell  
Community -- Lane's Chapel Creola Poston Lane  
Community -- Live Oak Grove Aline Hamby  
Community -- Lone Oak Mrs. Ella Osborne  
Community -- Powell Dale Lucille A. Hughes  
Community --Eulogy    
Community --Eulogy Mrs. Ella Osborne  
Cotton Gins    
Doctors -- Bosque Co.   Doctors
Events -- Fairs    
Flat Top Ranch, Walnut Springs (Tex)    
Floods -- Bosque Co.    
Fort Graham    
Fossett Hall    
Fowler-Steiner Community Histories Lucille A. Hughes  
Giddings vs. W. T. Clark   42nd Congress, 2nd session; Microfiche
Gold Mine Shares    
Goodall-Witcher Hospital    
Griffith Pioneers Genie Griffith Life of George and Nellie Steen
Harris-McNeill Family   Details of murder of Dorothy Harris and Nelson McNeill.
Hickox, Thomas Hill    
Highways -- roads    
Hill, Mrs. W. W. (Frances)    
Historical Atlas of Texas   Maps pertaining to settlement of Bosque Co,.
Hog Creek, Texas    
Hornbuckle, D. Preston    
Indians - Bosque Co.    
Indians -- Battle of Dove Creek Elizabeth Torrence July 13, 1993
Iredell Times   Index, 1976-1979
Jackson Crossing   Letters from Mrs. Roy Jackson
Jackson, J. A.    
Jails - Bosque Co.    
Johnson, Derwood    
Johnson, John Henry   District Clerk, 1876-1882
Johnson, Mr. And Mrs. E. D.   Collection
Kell, F. M.    
Letters   Gave booke to Collection
Lewis, George M   Family tree.
Locker, John P   Application for pension for Confederate soldier.
Lomax, John A.   newsclippings
Lone Star State   List of Bosque families; Iredell Times.
Lumpkin Building    
Mabray - Collier    
McGee, E. W. (Fibber)   County Judge 1967-1972 (August)
McGregor, Dr. G. C.   Centex Horseback Trip
McKinley, Pres.    
McNeely, Charlie W.    
McNeil, Jennet    
Meridian - Depot   Wagonette
Meridian - Electric Light Industry    
Meridian - First National Bank    
Meridian - Water 1901    
Meridian College    
Meridian College    
Meridian College   Excerpts from Meridian Tribune, 1900.
Meridian Community History Rebecca D. Radde  
Meridian Creek Community History Allen B. Ellingson  
Meridian High School   Photo
Meridian Public Schools   Meridian Tribune excerpt, 1935;
Meridian State Park   Meridian Tribune excerpts, 1934-35.
Meridian Tribune, 1899    
Meridian, Texas- Historic area    
Mill "old" -- Clifton, Texas    
Mills - Towash    
Mills -- Bosque County    
Monroe Brothers   1860 on Spring Creek - west of Meridian; killed by Indians.
Morgan Community History J. Ann Brown and Harriett Dunlap  
Mosheim Community History Mrs. Leonard Gaskamp  
Mt. View Community History Neet Bushee  
Mt. Zion School District Community History Melba Clark and Ila Smith  
Murders -- Bosche, Nora    
Mustang Community History Mrs. Ray Hastings  
Mustang Valley Water Supply Corp.   Letter, 1991.
My Pioneer Grandmother Mary Gregg Wallis  
Natural GasNegatives and List of pictures I    
Negatives and List of Pictures II    
Negatives and List of Pictures IIIA, IIIB    
Negatives and List of Pictures IV    
Negatives and List of Pictures IX    
Negatives and List of Pictures V    
Negatives and List of Pictures VI    
Negatives and List of Pictures VII    
Negatives and List of Pictures VIII    
Negro Hill Community History    
Nelson, Allison   Regiment Papers
Newspapers   The Iredell Indwx, August 29, 1902
Newspapers   The Kimball Herald, May 20, 1860.
Newspapers -- Clifton -- Bosque Banner May 30, 1896 issue Clipping, 1896
Nicholson, Richard Lee   District Clerk of Bosque County 1871
Nolan's Grave    
Nolan, Philip    
Norse Community History Patsy D. Lund  
Norse Gold Mining and Development O. R. Jenson  
Nowlin, Gordon    
Odle Log Cabin 1997    
Ogden, Dr. William H.   Doctor
Oklahoma Land Rush, Account of J. n. Fallis  
Old Rock Church on Hog Creek Elizabeth Torrence  
Olsen, C. E. "Pat"   Newsclippings
Olson, Joseph   Log Cabin Marker
Pearson, J. C.   See Galbraith, M. H.
Pederson, Peder   Family tree
Peerson, Cleng    
People - Childress, R. G.   County Judge of Bosque Co., 1886; name on corner stone of Courthouse.
People -- Aars, Hulen   2 preemption documents, 1880, 1881; Citizenship appers of Ole Pierson, et al, 1858. Received 4/13/85
People -- Abernathy, Mack singer country music
People -- Baird, Charles F.   Powell barn
People -- Barnes, Albert S.   Correspondence re: Barnes Family History, 1984. R.A. Barnes and Elizabeth Barnes et al.
People -- Belfrage, Gastaf scientist  
People -- Belle Starr    
People -- Booth, John Wilkes   American Heritage article, September, 1992.
People -- Boren, James artist  
People -- Boutwell, George Artist  
People -- Brock, Isaac   Bosque Co. Survey Map; newspaper clippings; 1899 Isaac Brock; Life
People -- Brock, Isaac    
People -- Brown, Lottie C.    
People -- Bryant, Presley Family   1st sheriff of Bosque Co.
People -- Buie, Carey   See manuscripts
People -- Butler, J. W.   Biography
People -- Clawson, Cary artist  
People -- Colwick, Clarence Monroe   Recollections of My Life.
People -- Conrad, Mrs. Josie Rhodes   Transcript of tape describing the damage done by a cyclone in the Wommack area on May 26, 1924. Photographs of damage. Taped 6-29-84
People -- Crain, Roden Taylor   A veteran of the Battle of San Jacinto.
People -- Cureton, H. J.    
People -- Cutbirth, Bemjamin    
People -- Dahl, Milton   The Dahl House: Norwegian Texas of Bosque County.
People -- Dahl, Mrs. Hans   Dahl Family; Trinity Lutheran Church; Rev. Rystad
People -- Dansby, Elmo   Clippins of Clifton
People -- Davis, Fay McGregor   Recollections and sketches
People -- deCordova, Jacob    
People -- Dennis, Walter    
People -- Durie, Roy   Collection
People -- Etheridge, Clarissa Ellen   Clippings, 1913.
People -- Evans, Newton   Crockett Family Tree
People -- Everett --Tutt Fued    
People -- Fallis, J. N.   Account of Oklahoma Land Rush
People -- Ferguson, Governor James    
People -- Ferguson, Miriam "Ma"   Clipping from "Texas Primer", 1986.
People -- Gaines, R. G.   Looking Backward at the Course of Human Events.
People -- Gaines, R. G.   Looking bakward at the course of Human events
People -- Galbraith, M. H.   Murder of Dep. Sheriff J. C. Palmer, 1875
People -- Gandy Family    
People -- Goodall Family    
People -- Greer, James K.   Collected material on Iredell History.
People -- Greewade, Olivia   J. J. Greenwade; Sosbee-Dennis-Biffle Ferry
People -- Gregory, E. P. and Edna C.   Family tree.
People -- Grelle, Martin    
People -- Lemke, Lillian artist  
People -- Tolbert, Frank Dallas Morning News  
People --Crockett Family    
People --Everett, Sim   Family History
People --Hobson, John   Battle of San Jacinto.
Pikesville Community Histroy Geraldine Bakke  
Pleasant Hill (Nigger Hill) Coommunity History Mrs. Henreill Dahl, Mrs. P.B. Knight by Mrs. M. Bramlett, Mrs. Charlei Kleine, Alton Christenson.
Pool Park   Old Settlers of Bosque Co.
Pool, Herbert    
Pool, William C.    
Post Offices of Bosque County Rebecca Radde  
Poston, William Tilley Family    
Priddy - Nichols    
Railroads   Texas Central - Katy
Railroads -- Depots    
Railroads --Depot Morgan    
Railroads --Santa Fe Depot - Clifton    
Rea, Oscar J. Building    
Reunions   Old settlers, 1901
Rexall news 1914    
Rivers -- Bosque River    
Roads -- Bosque Co.    
Rogers, James D. (Jim), Lt.Col Retired    
Rose, T. E.    
Roswell Community History    
Rough Riders   Linmark, Gus 1891
Schools -- Bosque County    
Schools -- Bosque County Public Schools   1911 Certificate of Bryan Moorman, Center Hill School.
Schools -- Education    
Schools -- Public Schools    
Schools -- School Districts of Bosque County    
Searsville Community History Mrs. Lora Faubion and Elizabeth Torrence  
Seawright - Hershenson   Wedding announcement, 1993
Sedberry, Dr. W. R.   Doctor
Sheppard Family    
Smith Bend Community (Gip Smith, etc.)   See Davis, Fay McGregor file
Smith Bend Community History Lois Smith Hill and H. K. Hill  
Smith, W. J.   Collection (Receipts, etc.)
Snider Papers    
Steen, Life of George and Nellie   See Griffith Pioneers.
Tandy, A. N.    
Tarver, Dr.. James Papers   Doctor
Taylor Springs Community History Elizabeth Torrence  
Telephone Companies    
Texas books   Fifty best by A. C Greene
Texas Safari    
The Frontier along the bosque: An Introduction   The frontier Hypothesis
Trees -- big trees of Bosque County    
U. S. S. Bosque   Ship
Union Hill Community History Lucille A. Hughes  
Valley Mills    
Valley Mills - Profiles Pioneer Families    
Valley Mills Area Pioneer Families    
Valley Mills Community History Frances Johnson  
Valley Mills, Texas - Map of historic tour    
Valley Mills, Texas -- Church of Christ, history    
Vaughn Murder, 1878   Harrels, Babbs
Waddington, Jack   Family Correspondence, History
Walling Bend Community History Olivia Greeswade  
Wallis, Mary Gregg   My pioneer grandmother
Walnut Springs    
Walnut Springs Community History Mozelle Hensley and William C. Pool  
Walnut Springs High School   The Buzzer, 1928-1929; Class of 1913
Wars - Korean    
Wars -- World War II   U. S. S. Indianapolis; ships
Weir, Faye Jeannette McLean    
Westley, Lawrence C. "Chink"    
Willingham, Col. Chester M.   Veteran
Womack Community History Kathleen Kruse  
World Events    
World War -- American Red Cross    
World War I   Correspondence