Bosque County Historical Markers and Designations

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Historic Texas Cemeteries

Historic Texas Cemetery designation is an official recognition of family and community graveyards by the Texas Historical Commission and encourages preservation of historic cemeteries. The designation imposes no restrictions on private owners’ use of the land adjacent to the cemetery but provides for the recordation of the cemetery into the county deed records as a historically dedicated property worthy of preservation. To nominate a cemetery, the owner, who is considered a trustee of the land dedicated for cemetery purposes, will be notified, though the owner’s consent is not required. To receive the designation, the applicant must show proof that the cemetery is at least 50 years old, provide precise information about its location and document it using a Historic Texas Cemetery designation application, as well as black and white photographs. This designation does not guarantee the protection of historic cemeteries, but it helps preserve cemeteries because it makes present and future landowners aware of the resources on their property. The designation does not restrict the public use or the private owner's use of the land adjacent to the cemetery.

The seven Historic Texas Cemetaries located in Bosque County are listed below:

THC Atlas Number Name Nearest Town Latitude Longitude Date Designated Listing Info Photo
7035000805 Barry Cemetery Walnut Springs   2011-06-09 recordation 
7035004405 Fossett Family Cemetery   31.9287
7035000905 Fulton Cemetery Walnut Springs   2011-10-01 recordation 
7035000105 Scrutchfield-Searsville Cemetery Valley Mills   2001-01-31 recordation 
7035001905 Spring Creek Cemetery   31.897057
7035002705 Valley Mills Cemetery Valley Mills 31.662927
2017-03-03 recordation 
7035000305 Womack-White Cemetery Morgan   2011-08-03 recordation 

In addition to the five Historic Texas Cemeteries listed above, there are current applications pending for the Cole Family Cemetery, Rock Springs Cemetery, and Fossett Cemetery. For a list of all known cemeteries in Bosque County or to search for a specific grave, see the Cemeteries page.